Integrative Addiction Treatment

Intuitive Life Enhancement is a revolutionary treatment program for individuals seeking an effective solution for destructive, addictive behaviors. Driven by evidence-based results, our proven model is individually tailored to your physical, personal and emotional needs. The Intuitive Life Enhancement model specializes in restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit, providing you not only with a firm footing on the road to recovery, but empowering you to restore relationships, to revive your ambition, and to ignite a personal awakening within yourself.

Individualized.  Empowering.  Successful.

Break the bonds of denial and addiction for good with a recovery program so powerful, that no addiction is beyond hope. Intuitive Life Enhancement focuses on bringing awareness to the personal roots of trauma and addiction, promoting inner change, accountability and a solid foundation for living a happy, balanced life.

Personalized Addiction Recovery Model

  •  Strategic Interventions: Confidential, private and discrete.
  •  Exclusive Detoxification: Utilizing the latest, most effective methods.
  •  Individualized Rehabilitation: One to one advising, treatment, and guidance.
  •  Residential Treatment: Beachfront & upscale community residences.
  •  Health & Fitness Coaching: Personal training, dietitians & holistic specialists.

Private.  Exclusive.  Integrative.

Intuitive Life Enhancement operates with maximum discretion, anonymity and security. We believe in integrative addiction treatment that enables clients to rise to life’s demands with the clarity and purpose sobriety brings. We offer customized support, ranging from all inclusive retreat-style recovery to sober companionship for those reintegrating into their daily routine.

  •  Specialized Programs for Executives and Professionals: Offering reputation management, privacy, & total anonymity. Our alumni includes the nation’s most prominent entertainers, artists, philanthropists and executives.
  •  Expert Security Team: Consisting of highly trained, distinguished retired lawmen.

Empower Yourself to Overcome Addiction Now.

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