Our Approach

Intuitive Life Enhancement is a recovery program unlike any other. We approach treatment in a way that most standard treatments overlook, by focusing on the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional components of each individual. We assess the specific needs of each client to determine a customized treatment plan which will address underlying issues and promote not only recovery, but long-term wellness.

Intuitive Life Enhancement understands that for positive change to be lasting, treatment must extend far beyond basic sobriety– that’s why our specialized approach includes creating a holistic life goal plan, designed to assist you in freeing yourself from addictive behaviors and sustaining a healthy, meaningful life.

Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, our founder embarked on a journey to create an effective recovery model that incorporated real life experiences into a results-driven treatment plan. Using evidence based protocols that are determined by an individual’s progress, Intuitive Life Enhancement has established a powerful system that leads people out of traumas and addictions and into happy and purposeful lives. Now in its 15th year of development, Intuitive Life Enhancement is a highly lauded non-traditional treatment model with a proven record of success.

Background and Education

As respected leaders in addiction and recovery, the staff at Intuitive Life Enhancement have specialized backgrounds including; holding corporate positions such as head of staffing and intervention, non-profit organization leadership, development of a location based behavioral modification treatment center, and ownership of the world renowned Wavelengths International Malibu– a private alternative-care treatment center.

Our expert knowledge in the field of treatment for addiction and trauma include educational studies in the following areas:

• Cognitive Psychology
• Alcohol/Drug Studies: Prevention and Education
• Applied Behavior Analysis
• Chemical Dependency Intervention, Treatment and Recovery
• Structured Intervention and Placement


In our drive for equipping our staff to help others, we have incorporated the following certifications:

• Behavioral Modification • Crisis Intervention
• Aggression Replacement • Criminal Addictive Thinking
• Cognitive Function Assessment • Behavioral Analysis
• Emotional Displacement • Identifying Behavioral Patterns
• Life Goal Planning • Motivational Interviewing
• Relapse Prevention • Role Reversal Reflection
• Life Alignment • Life Attunement


With a staff of highly-respected and sought-after addiction treatment specialists, Intuitive Life Enhancement is available to provide you with a confidential assessment of your situation. Contact us today.