Proven, Personalized Recovery

Whether this is the first time you are seeking treatment for an addiction or you have been in and out of 12-step programs and rehabilitation for years –  our proven recovery program has the capacity to provide you with a powerful, life-long solution. Fifteen years of experience has shown us that no matter what the severity, every addiction or problem of consumption can be resolved with the high level of expertise and individualized care that we have to offer.

Customized Plans to Meet Client Specific Needs

Intuitive Life Enhancement begins with a thorough, individual analysis that focuses on revealing the specific root causes of your addiction. From this evaluation, a personalized plan is developed to meet each client’s distinct needs, offering the attention and individualized care that is rarely seen in traditional treatment programs. Placing emphasis on the balance and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit, our accelerated method utilizes the expertise of our professional interventionists, rehabilitation experts and centers, alternative therapy practitioners, and psychotherapists to provide the most effective recovery plan possible.

Results-Driven Treatment and Support

Our highly successful, results-driven treatment model focuses on creating awareness in an individual and promoting personal strengths. We work in conjunction with our clients to address the underlying issues of addiction, and to expand their sense of self-worth, independence and personal responsibility.

Intuitive Life Enhancement believes that with focus and commitment, every person has the innate ability to live an addiction free life. We are committed to providing our clients with the resources and professional support necessary to assist them in developing their intentions into lasting solutions.

For more information on how we can assist you, contact us or call us now at: (888) 811-5804