Healing the Family

If one of your family members suffers from addiction, you are most likely familiar with the pain and distress that comes with this disorder. Seeing a child, spouse, parent or sibling in a self-destructive state can be a harrowing experience, especially as one watches and interacts with a loved one affected by the physical consequences and changes to demeanor resulting from addiction.

At Intuitive Life Enhancement, we feel that it is crucial to recognize the impact that addiction has, not only on the individual suffering from a problem of consumption, but the wider effects and repercussions it has upon the entire family. The entire emotional and relational dynamic of a family shifts as family members struggle to form an appropriate response to their loved one’s addiction. Feelings of anger, guilt, shame, blame and embarrassment can create rifts in family relationships. Complicated by these emotions, a desire to take action to help an addicted family member can inadvertently exacerbate the situation.

Family Support with Intuitive Life Enhancement

Tailored specifically to the unique set of circumstances within your family, the Family Program at Intuitive Life Enhancement offers professional interventions, counseling and therapy in order heal emotional wounds and repair dysfunctional relationships in a family that has been affected by addiction.

Intuitive Life Enhancement’s highly effective, results-driven addiction treatment model provides you with a professional treatment specialist who will work closely with your family throughout every step of your family member’s recovery process.

If necessary, a professional intervention expert can assist your family in creating an intervention that will allow you to take a clear, collective stand against your loved one’s addictive behavior and compassionately compel them to seek treatment. Throughout Intuitive Life Enhancement’s comprehensive recovery process, your family member will acquire the tools necessary to promote healthy ways of communication. Dialogue between family members is encouraged, and collaborative family therapy is an integral part of our model.

Working in collaboration with the most distinguished treatment professionals in the nation, Intuitive Life Enhancement creates a safe space where families are able to articulate their needs, discuss concerns and express emotions in a neutral, blame free environment.

Families learn healthy methods of communicating, allowing them to reconcile wounds of the past, rebuild trust, and move forward to strengthen family connection. Our experience has afforded us the first hand opportunity to facilitate and observe long-awaited reunions, reconciliations, and relationships being healed.

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