Personal Treatment Solutions

The beginning of your sober, happy life starts now. Intuitive Life Enhancement is a revolutionary treatment model that has proven successful for even the most difficult addiction cases. Our personalized, results-driven recovery plan enables even sufferers of chronic relapse to leave addictive, self-destructive behaviors behind for good.

Intuitive Life Enhancement is profoundly effective due to our treatment model being centered entirely around you. In contrast with one-size-fits-all rehab models, we understand that the roots of trauma and addiction are often as complex and multi-faceted as individuals are themselves. We consider your specific personality, life situation, background, emotional and physical makeup, and draw upon this knowledge to work directly with you, in order to form a recovery and reintegration plan that is optimized for success.

Integrative Recovery from Detox to Daily Life

Intuitive Life Enhancement offers you personal guidance for the entire recovery process, from professional detoxification through treatment and life reintegration. Our potent, holistic approach to your recovery utilizes the expertise of a team of professionals such as:

• Physicians

• Food and Nutritional Experts

• Addiction Counselors

• Therapists and Life Coaches

• Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

Intuitive Life Enhancement’s integrative approach promotes physical, mental and emotional healing to powerfully address every underlying aspect of your addiction. We additionally apply treatment in a real-world context, stepping outside of the artificial setting of a traditional rehab center to provide you with the tools and experience necessary to maintain a life of well being.

Tailored Treatment to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide-range of detox, treatment, and recovery location options depending on your personal needs and situation, from luxurious seaside accommodations to the privacy and comfort of your own home. Welcome to the first step in transforming your life. For more details, please contact us by email at: or call now: (888) 811-5804