Confidential Detoxification

The detoxification process is an important first step for addiction recovery. During addiction, the body becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol, believing it needs these substances to survive. As an addiction increases, brain chemistry becomes altered, causing overpowering cravings and symptoms of physical withdrawal when use lapses. Complex chemical and physiological interactions from chronic drug use and alcohol addiction, can literally change a person from the inside out – modifying thought processes, damaging bodily organs, and even altering a person’s personality.

Safe, State-of-the-Art Medical Detox

If unmonitored by a professional, detoxing can be dangerous and even life-threatening. At Intuitive Life Enhancement, we believe in providing clients with the highest level of safety and comfort during the crucial detoxification process. We contract some of the nation’s most prestigious physicians to oversee a medical detox that is conducted with the utmost care.

Our cutting edge detoxification model manages withdrawal symptoms and cravings, fortifying the body, and allowing the physical self to heal as that toxins and byproducts of drugs and alcohol are eliminated from the system.

Intuitive Life Enhancement’s Detoxification Model:

• Medical Detox: Medical supervision throughout the program is essential to manage withdrawal symptoms, ensure physical safety, and in order to complete this phase with minimum complications.

• Physical Detox: Once the body is free of drugs and alcohol, attention is paid to promote the physical body’s health. A nutritionist will assist in prescribing a nourishing and balanced diet for your recovery.

 • Emotional Detox: Counseling is provided to patients as they go through the difficult process of drug detoxification.

Customized Detox Plans Providing Privacy and Comfort

Intuitive Life Enhancement offers flexible detoxification plans to accommodate your unique needs, enabling you to recover in the privacy of home, a specialized facility or in the elite local of a luxury private residence. We also work with you to integrate hospitalization or the outpatient services you require into our customized treatment plans.

Specialty and Emergency Detox Services

Intuitive Life Enhancement is uniquely equipped to provide you with the specialized logistical and medical attention you require in conjunction with your detoxification plan. Our professional addiction experts can readily and discretely handle emergency medical detox if necessary. We additionally offer interventions as well as location services for loved ones who’s addictions have separated them from loved ones.

After Detoxification

Detoxification provides the initial tools necessary to take the next steps towards a life free of dependency. In order to complete a successful recovery, it is essential to commit to a comprehensive treatment plan. Customized treatment plans provided by Intuitive Life Enhancement creates a seamless transition from detox into treatment in order to solidify an effective foundation for recovery.

Contact us, or call us now at: (888) 811-5804 to discuss detoxification and treatment options. We are looking forward to assisting you.