Why Interventions Work

You may have heard that the first step to addiction recovery is the recognition that a problem exists, but what about the people that have not had this realization? When a person suffering from addiction becomes physically and psychologically dependent on a substance or behavior, it can manifest as denial.

Loved ones of a person in need may recognize denial as minimizing, justifying, or blaming others for addictive behaviors. When this is the case, family members often find themselves in a difficult position of wanting to help, but not knowing how to help or if they should. This is the time to consult a professional interventionist. Contact us now for a free consultation.

The Importance of Decisive Action

Many drugs, including alcohol can lead to fatal overdoses, especially in cases of where escalating intoxication and tolerance causes increased risk and combination doses. A single incident of overdose can be permanently disabling, debilitating, and often life-threatening. Our interventions work quickly to break through denial and streamline the recovery process to avoid disaster.

In advanced cases of alcoholism and drug addiction, it is important to take decisive action to stop a destructive cycle before a crisis or life-threatening situation occurs. The intervention specialists at Intuitive Life Enhancement have the experience and ability to implement a full-scale intervention quickly and effectively, offering the client a clear and efficient path towards detoxification and treatment.

Extreme Intervention Services

A highly-skilled specialist is the most effective way to instigate a successful intervention. Often the case with an addiction sufferer in complete denial is that they have become unapproachable or unresponsive to the need for treatment. If a loved one’s location is unknown, a private investigator may be needed.

In severe cases, strong measures may need to be taken to locate your loved one and remove them from a dangerous situation. No matter what situation an addiction sufferer is in, the professional interventionists at Intuitive Life Enhancement have the expertise needed to effectively stage an intervention that is appropriate and necessary for the well-being and safety of your loved one.

Breaking Down Denial Through Intervention

The goal of a coordinated intervention is ultimately to bring the addicted person into treatment. An intervention creates a space for friends and family members to take a clear, collective stand against the destructive behavior, while also providing a strong message of love and support. An addiction intervention facilitated by an Intuitive Life Enhancement intervention specialist is a safe and direct way to confront a loved one honestly about the true nature of their situation.

The most effective recovery results occur when a person recognizes their addiction problem and make a genuine, personal commitment to correct this behavior. For those who are estranged from their loved ones, who are in denial, or are attempting to conceal their substance and behavioral addictions, a professionally guided intervention offers a safe, respectful and honest environment where the addiction sufferer is offered chance for a fresh start. The aim of this intervention should be to compel that individual not only to understand the severity of their addictions, but to make commit to addiction treatment for themselves.

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