Life After Treatment

After successfully completing primary care treatment a person should be well equipped with the knowledge of their addiction and how they may avoid some of the pitfalls of relapse. All too often though, the addict falls short of being able to apply this newly learned information. The reason is quite simple, there is a significant difference between learning about being in recovery, and actually “Living in Recovery”

Some of the most difficult cases of addiction have been our best success stories, thanks to Intuitive Life Enhancement Recovery Integration. Our model is often successful where other aftercare, rehabilitative, or therapy programs have failed. The personalized Recovery Integration plans we offer will guide each client through the hurdles that often cause frustration and despair. Our clients learn to focus on reaching forward in order replace the undesirable habits leading to addiction, while integrating successful living habits into their daily lives.

A Recovery Integration team member is assigned to each individual in order to assist with initial trigger removal, living arrangements, organization and all other aspects of creating the positive surroundings needed for long term sobriety. If you are looking for a long term and successful addiction-free life, a Recovery Integration Companion will offer the expertise and guidance you need to continue on the right track.

What Is Recovery Integration?

After you learn to understand and manage the challenges of your own particular problems of consumption of addictive tendencies, it is essential to recognize that applying this newly-learned information to your everyday life comes with unknown territory. In order to aid you in this crucial and practical step, a Recovery Integration Companion will create supportive path, represented in daily “real Life” activity, how a life in recovery can be the most rewarding place to live.

Our Recovery Integration programs offer the assurance that none of our clients will have to wonder about the dreaded thought, “what should I do today?”. Much more than a basic sober companion, our Recovery Integration Companions provide expert advice, guidance services, modeling, and counseling services, while providing a personal approach for each client while living life in recovery.

Our Recovery Integration Companions are experienced in not only the clinical dynamics of the alcohol and drug addiction recovery process, but can also work closely with the treatment team, ensuring that the application process of “Living in Recovery” is seamless. Every one of our Recovery Integration Companions is hand picked to be the most suitable for your particular needs. Our team at Recovery Integration have proven technical education in alignment with a history of healthy, successful, and long-term real life experience with helping others achieve unparalleled results.

Why Recovery Integration Works

During the transition period from treatment to living a life of recovery, there a number of real life experiences that are often unable to be replicated in a contained, secure environment. Restoring your confidence and removing negative or self-defeating beliefs is vital to living life to the fullest. By fine-tuning your innate skills and talents, Recovery integration will enable you to actively incorporate your new found way of life into day-to-day life. The confidence you learn will be invaluable as you take your own unique, individual steps towards finding the right fit in life.

Do not trust your life to just any coaching service. Take advantage of the nearly two decades of success of Intuitive Life Enhancement’s Recovery Integration program, and add your name to the list of the most successful people living in recovery.

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