Success Of The Intuitive Life Enhancement Program

The following testimonials are from real people who have experienced the success of Intuitive Life Enhancement.


“The last 10 years of my life has been a repeat of the question, ‘What are we going to do with her now?’

I have personally been through just about every type of treatment available for addiction. I have had the blessing and the curse to have met with the top psychiatrists, psychologists, and rehabilitation centers in the world. I have suffered loss and heartache as my supportive family has alongside me. I attended both inpatient and outpatient facilities lasting anywhere from 30-120 days.

I was recommended to see a trauma specialist, worked with a life skills coach, had EMDR therapy, aftercare, extended-care, lived at numerous sober homes, attended attended mental institutions, AA, NA, CA….all the A’s, made countless attempts with Equestrian therapy,  and lived at homeless shelters. I have even visited other countries to meet with witch doctors, shamans, healers, psychics…. I could go on.  The fact is none of that worked for me.

I live in Texas, so meeting Rickard was somewhat of a fluke. Regardless of the details, it was a blessing. Just one year ago, I had been on a 2-year stretch of countless treatment scenarios and had survived an overdose a week prior to meeting with him.

I can’t in words tell you what Rickard said to me, but for once, I felt and heard a glimpse of hope not just for my family, but for myself and I was in it for the journey.

Rickard taught me to love life not loathe it. To embrace who I am not who I felt like or what I looked like. He taught me to Love, and only with that could I begin to recover.  I met amazing people between him and his staff, many whom I call friends.

For myself, just day to day life was hard. Adding in all the components, factors, and tools I was taught in any treatment was impossible for me to do when I had not been mentally and at times physically present for so long in my life.

Having a companion allowed me to rebuild my life in society as I healed internally, emotionally, and spiritually at the same time.

For someone who has been there and done that, the personalized care Rickard built for me over the last year saved my life, and prevented a lot of pain for my friends and family. Thank you, Rickard. God Bless You.”



“I have been in and around a variety of different treatment settings for years. The way a Recovery Integration Companion works with a person is unlike any other way I have experienced. With other methods a person can sometimes forget what they have learned shortly after leaving direct care and returning into the flow of life. The presence of a Recovery Integration Companion resonates deeply with the person they works with. Their level of patience, care and compassion is felt, which helps a person to commit and follow through. If a person wants to change, they can and will help them determine what they need to work on. They do this by using clear and direct communication to start at the source of the issue and help the person to have a tremendous level of growth, success and happiness as quickly as possible. Intuitive Life Enhancement’s alternative methods work by helping people do things like set ultimate long-term goals to strive for that stick with an individual after leaving their direct care. Intuitive Life Enhancement is truly one of a kind.”



“I have had the privilege of working with a Recovery Integration Companion and observing their ability to connect with clients on a deep healing level. I have witnessed firsthand his strong and passionate approach to helping others find the willingness within themselves to make positive, healthy changes. The knowledge and personal care that they provides for their clients is honest and his intentions always come from a place of spirituality and experience. I support Intuitive Life Enhancement’s holistic approach in facilitating individuals to overcome their obstacles.”

….Michelle Davis – Nurse-Yoga-Pilates- Organic Vegan Chef


“Seldom have I worked with someone with such clarity and laser insight. For years I have conducted business with a very high level of integrity and a potent dose of authenticity and I almost never come across anyone who has been able to meet me where I am. As a Recovery Integration specialist, Ricky is certainly one of the few, and I’m picking up a lot from him on how to further understand and conduct my business and personal lives. Learning how to filter the projected information so that I may better ascertain the underlying truth in each matter, I can then relay my message in the most clear and direct manner for my audience. Ricky’s ability to evaluate and make sense of systems and situations that are severely entangled is exceptional and this skill alone makes him a considerable asset. What makes him invaluable, however, is his willingness and ability to enlighten his clients to his understanding so they may learn to implement it themselves. This ‘teach a man to fish’ approach results in a client base which is growing and maturing over time rather than one which is stagnant and constantly needing further assistance. If you are needing to cut through a situation that seems impenetrable to you, I would highly encourage you to engage with Ricky. I am certainly glad that I have.”

….Sean Brown


“In all my years of working in recovery and addiction, it is rare to find someone with a solid track record when it comes to focus, success, and accountability. Ricky is the exception. His dedication to his clients’ happiness and health and also his ability to develop tailored programs that fit the needs and goals of his clients sets him apart in this field. I have seen first-hand individuals taken from the grips of death and transformed through Ricky’s assistance. Anyone looking to take serious steps toward positive transformation would fare well enlisting his services.”

….Eric P., MA Counseling Psychology


“I’ve worked with Rick first hand helping guys get sober, he comes from an approach I haven’t seen before. One that is much less intrusive and more successful with people who’ve tried the usual means and avenues to get some sort of sobriety.

Rick has taught me a lot about helping others and the approach to take with different people and circumstances. His communication doesn’t sound like the same things everyone else has been telling the client their whole lives. The things that just do not work and get them frustrated and they give up since living in recovery can seem overwhelming at times.

I’ve learned a lot from Rick. Thankfully he has helped me with my own challenges. Mostly the situations I’ve had to deal with as a person living in sobriety without resorting back to using drugs as a form of coping mechanism like I used to do. Thanks Rick”

….Rob A.


“I met Rick in February of 2002 in the depths of a self-destructive pattern of addiction that was killing me. He helped me find out who I am in a safe, loving, and fun environment.

It’s been 10 years for me now. Rick and I have stayed connected.

I am happy to say that Rick is sincerely committed to helping people find their way out of the nightmare of addiction.

Wherever and whenever I have come across someone needing to turn his or her life around Rick has always been there with a helping hand.

His honesty, courage, and commitment serve all who find their way into his world. If you are fortunate enough to find your way to him, consider yourself blessed!

His unique multi-faceted approach to recovery is a welcome relief to those who have failed to find peace through traditional 12 step programs. I recommend him highly.”



“Our son has been dealing with addiction for 8 years. He has been to several treatment programs ranging from 2 months to almost one year in duration. We were feeling very hopeless, scared, and extremely sad about our son’s future. Then Ricky came into our lives. He has helped our son and our family more than we could have ever imagined.

Ricky has an incredible gift when it comes to helping people who suffer with addiction. He has connected with our son in a way no one has been able to before. Ricky understands that freedom from drug use involves much more than being sober. He has taught our son how to live as a sober person. Our son actually listens to him!!! That is a miracle.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ricky, for being here for us and our son. I am not sure where we would be without you.”



“Throughout my years struggling with addiction I have been through many different institutions and treatment scenarios.With little long-term success deriving from these experiences my family and I were at a crossroads after my continued relapses.

For some reason these treatment settings had not had an everlasting impact on my life, and although some of these programs lasted up to a year in length, shortly after leaving the institution and returning to real life I continued to fail. One day, after the suffering had taken its toll on me, I stumbled across a program called Intuitive Life Enhancement.

I reached out to the owner of this program Ricky, who was located in Southern California. I was in desperate need of a place to go that was unlike all of the other institutions I had been to over the previous couple of years. After speaking with Ricky on the phone I immediately told my mom that I thought I had found a place that may just work for me.

Ricky’s honesty and understanding about the disease of addiction encouraged me to find out more about what he had to offer. Although my parents were hesitant about sending me off to Southern California again, a place I had already tried to get sober in, after speaking with Ricky on the phone they too were comforted by his suggestions on how to help me.

It wasn’t long until he personally flew up to my hometown of Seattle, Washington and sat down to meet with my family and I. After learning more about my situation Ricky sat down with me and as a team we created a treatment plan. This is an experience I had never had before. Although I was able to have some say in what my treatment experience was going to look like, Ricky was very clear that there were a few rules I had to follow no matter what, and if I chose not to follow these rules that was fine but he would no longer be able to work with me.

His straightforward approach was something I had yet to experience in the treatment industry. My interactions with treatment professionals in the past had been a more or less run around just to get me in the door. Since working with Ricky I have not only found long-term sobriety but also found a new way of life. He has taught me how to become self-dependent and live a self-sustaining lifestyle. Although I am still far from perfect and continue to improve my life on a daily basis, I can say that working with Ricky has truly changed my existence for the better.

I hope others who are struggling not only with addiction but also with life in general get a chance to work with him and receive the teachings I have learned from him thus far.”