Complex Disease Care

Intuitive Life Enhancement provides an integrative approach to sustainable treatment and recovery for cancer and other complex, chronic disease. Through the identification and execution of health and wellness goals, we can create space to empower people, enabling them to heal and recover.
In cancer treatment, the question remains, “Is your cancer curable?” The 2007 National Health Interview Survey reported that about 4 out of 10 adults use complimentary and alternative therapies to support their traditional cancer treatments.

Interestingly, with today’s increasing use of alternative approaches to medicine, we are finding that there are a great deal of people who have been diagnosed to be in the end stages of Cancer who are living years beyond their current prognosis.

With today’s technological advances, we can now significantly increase the strength and capacity of a person’s immune system. Along with advanced cellular treatments and protocols which enhance the body’s ability to effectively protect itself, we have the ability to slow down, diminish, or even stop the growth or progression of particular diseases.

There is considerable science around cancer patients having the ability to significantly reduce or eliminate the spread or progression of Cancer.
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