Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis

Mental Health Illness treatment is commonly misrepresented as Dual Diagnosis treatment, and unfortunately for individuals suffering from Mental Heath illness and their loved ones, most people do not know the difference. Dual Diagnosis treatment is a generalized term that does not accurately focus on the specific presenting conditions.

To address all of an individual’s presenting conditions, a complete picture of neurological, biological, and psychological factors is required in order to develop an effective and progressive treatment plan.

At Intuitive Life Enhancement, we recognize that each person that steps into a treatment or post-treatment setting has a unique series of underlying factors that make up what has manifested in their lives as severe imbalance.

Our focus is to evaluate each individual’s specific presenting problems in order to form a deeper understanding of their underlying causes. Our team examines the most effective ways to address these disorders and imbalances on every level, with careful consideration as to what methods of treatment have not worked in the past, as well as looking into appropriate solutions that have not yet been utilized.

We recognize that the proper treatment of mental health illness and neuro-development disorders requires creating a treatment team of professionals with the most applicable background and qualifications to address these issues, and that also carries a track record of proven success.

Intuitive Life Enhancement works to establish and maintain health and happiness in the lives of individuals suffering from mental health illness by working with a treatment team that carries the knowledge base and supportive values needed to effectively address areas of imbalance in a complete way.

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